Better Way is D’Termine’s first album with his Vincy based label D’Termine Nation. Filled with original songs written by Carlson Hannaway (D’Termine) along with beats from and recorded in Jamaica with Dale Virgo, DZL Records and Rickman Warren, Jamplified Records, the 13 track LP highlights the Vincentian (Bagga) artist’s diverse range as well as his influences in the musical genres of Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop, Dancehall and of course, Soca.

D’Termine, along with Jenna Jen of The Tarot Trade—–launched D’Termine Nation on July 22, 2018 and have since added additional local artists 101 Stunna–— and Moonskull—–to the label. D’Nation is part of Linkup Vincy––a project seeking to promote the untapped talent and potential of Vincentians by connecting them with various sources of opportunity, education and investment worldwide. All original artwork is done by VanLav Art, a Linkup Vincy company founded by Anna Kostenko from Kiev Ukraine.
D’Termine and D’Nation are dedicated to paving a better way for the ghetto youth of St. Vincent through music, positive vibes, and focused team work. D’Nation is looking to work with all those who make, build, dream, support, study and create art to spread the message of one love throughout the world.

Album Singles

Summer Fling


Street Life

Ghetto Girl

The Way You Move

My Team

Ghetto Girl

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